How To Wash WaveWear

How To Wash WaveWear products with built-in silicone taping

Please wash accordingly to better restore the stickiness of the built-in silicone taping. 

  • Wash by machine washing in cold water with neutral detergent.
  • We recommend using a laundry mesh bag.
  • Washing right after you are finished using is ideal as it minimizes micro dust accumulation on the silicone. 
  • Wash with similar colored clothings.
  • Dry cleaning can better restore the stickiness of the silicone. 
  • Do not bleach.


How To Dry WaveWear prodcucts with built-in silicone taping

  • Dry in the shade with the silicone taping facing the inside.
  • Do not iron.
  • Do not place in a clothes dryer, on top of a heater, near an open flame or leave in direct sunlight. 


*We will continue to update better washing and drying methods for WaveWear.