WaveWear BWAS™ Washing and Maintenance

Is WaveWear really reusable?

How long will it last? 

  We would like get into detail about the reusability of WaveWear.
  WaveWear’s kinesiology taping effect is created by BWAS™, our adhesive silicone that is built in the apparel. Adhesion of the silicone may weaken after repeated usage. This is due to dust, lint, and dead skin cells covering the silicone. Basically, washing WaveWear using neutral detergent is good enough to revive the adhesion.

  Or if you are in a hurry, using sanitation wipes or alcohol swabs are good enough.
  But after few months of continuous usage, you might feel the adhesion has weakened even after the wash. In this case, microscopic dust and lint could have gradually accumulated on the surface of the silicone. We have tested that dry cleaning is the answer to this situation (and used our microscopes to check the result).