Top 11 Music Playlist To Energize Your Workout

Top 11 Music Playlist To Energize Your Workout

It's that time of year again January the start of making goals and New Year’s resolutions. If that be building a healthy lifestyle or just being more active. Running, cycling, and going to the gym can be less stressful and more fun.


How? of course, with the ultimate music playlist. Here's our top 11 music playlist to energize your workout.  


Hand-picked by our staff. A total of 11 songs are guaranteed to keep you moving and grooving. With a mix of genres, there’s sure to be a song for any music lover. Your workouts will never be the same.

 1. Ditto – New Jeans

 New Jeans Album

Image: ADOR 

The up-and-coming pop group New Jeans brings a contemporary and flashy sound to this playlist. Just like the excitement of a crush. Whatever your fitness routine, this song is bound to keep you moving.

 2. Tell Me - Jannabi

Jannabi Album
A great indie song for the pre- workout or simply for stretching. So why not let loose to this song. The only support your goanna need at the end of this session, is a pair of compression leggings.

 3. Drift Away - The Nod 

The Nod Album  : Adventure
Image: IHQ,Inc.

A music festival packed into one EDM song. Elaborate and loud. This song is going to recharge and boost you up for the next step of the workout.

4. New Thing – Zico

Zico - New Thing Song
Image: CJ ENM

This rap song brings to the playlist a larger-than-life personality. If you’re looking for a charismatic and bold sound this is the perfect song. Living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t aways have to be dull.

 5. Ah puh – IU

IU  ah - puh
Image: EDAM Entertainment

This is our go-to summer song. It’s equipped with the tropical essentials of ocean waves and playful beats. This song can carry you away like a floating cloud. Our health is a top priority, so why not savor the moment.


6. With You - Ryu Ji Kwang

Ryu Ji Kwang  Dinner Mate
Image: Warner Music Korea

As if being transported to the 70s disco era, this rendition is a catchy song with upbeat lyrics. All things trot genre are found in this song. Once the music starts time will fly and so will your workout.

 7. Paradigm – Son Jin Wook

Son Jin Wook
Image: Kakao Entertainment

This rock piece is infused with just the right amount of motivation and power. With the melodic mix of a rocker and piano we raise our air guitars to the sky even as we exercise.


8. Boat-song – sEODo Band

Seodo Band
Image: Universal Music

Joseon Pop is a relatively new genre, a fusion of traditional and Korean pop music. This sea shanty is a refreshing song with a persevering beat, as if urging us to pedal forward on those exercise bikes.

9. 1 of 1 - Shinee


Image: SM Entertainment

Every playlist needs a 90s throwback song. The iconic drums and colorful beat celebrate the 1990s. As long as you keep moving at the gym or a home workout, exercising can be an enjoyable experience

 10. Shut Down - BLACKPINK

Image: YG Entertainment

This epic social media anthem of 2022 offers a catchy rap beat and over the top lyrics. Exercise can be even more worth the time especially when it’s done with friends

 11. Let’s Dance with Me – Kim Young Heum

Kim Young Heum
Image: Kakao Entertainment

This indie - pop fusion beat is undoubtedly going to get you moving to a full body workout. With these happy – go – lucky and lighthearted lyrics that could get anyone in the zone.


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