Yap Qi Yi #triathlon

Yap Qi Yi #triathlon


Triathlons require 3 different sports. Which one is your favorite? Which one do you find the most challenging, and how do you overcome that? 

Currently, my favorite is cycling. It has a sense of novelty and freshness that I find appealing, and the fact that I’m still learning adds to its appeal to me. Even on my school-free days, I often find myself cycling around with my friends. Cycling brings me a great deal of pressure. 

I also consider cycling one of the most challenging activities I’ve pursued. As I continue to learn, I’m focused on developing various cycling techniques, including handling skills, advanced balance, and riding with one hand. 


Being a triathlete requires extreme fitness and physical strength. What kind of training do you usually do?

I engage in two strength training sessions each week while also simultaneously training in two different sports. For instance, on certain occasions, I may opt for a combination of running followed by swimming, swimming followed by biking, or even biking followed by running, with intermittent breaks in between. Typically, I dedicate around 3 to 4 hours per day to my training regimen. 



What is the sport within a triathlon that you are putting the most of your focus into? What do you think is the most important sport that wins races?

In every triathlon race, runners have more of an opportunity to change the place that they finish in. I am trying to focus more on running because in swimming and cycling, it is harder to gain a higher placement once the race starts. In running, the fastest runners can gain on their opponents much easier. 


Triathlons involve multiple sports. How do the WaveWear products help with the adaptability and versatility required to switch between sports and stay consistent? 

The L20 Leggings are very comfortable, like extremely comfortable, and alongside the tape in the leggings, I noticed that it reduces the fatigue when I run. I noticed that it reduces my recovery time as well so I can prepare well for my next training session. All other leggings that I’ve tried in the past have been too thick and I found them uncomfortable. The L20 leggings are light and breathable which is exactly what I need.  

Can you describe a memorable race or competition experience that had a significant impact on your athletic journey?

Last month in Singapore, the TriFactor Singapore International Triathlon. It was a qualification race to qualify for the 2023 youth games. Out of all the Malaysian competitors, I came in second and got a ticket to the youth combo games. I am currently waiting for the Olympic Council to announce the event but I finally feel like my hard work paid off since I completed such a big qualification.


How do you prepare yourself before a triathlon? Do you have any pre-race rituals or routines?

My pre-race routine/ritual is about a month before the race, I will not consume any cold beverages as I find that it allows me to preserve my stamina. I won’t eat any ice cream or even drink cold water. After training I will pour cold water on myself to cool down but I will not drink anything cold. I will only consume warm things and I find it helps my stamina and overall performance.


As a junior triathlete, what are your goals for the future? Do you aspire to compete at a higher level or participate in specific events?

My main goal is to be ranked number one and hopefully quality for the 2025 Sea Games in Thailand. I also hope to win a medal in the 2027 Sea Games which is in my home ground. I think that would be very special. 

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