Incheon Al-tong Futsal Club, Promoted to First FK Super League Since Inception

Incheon Al-tong Futsal Club, Promoted to First FK Super League Since Inception


On March 30th, at the Goyang Oulim Nuri Sports Complex, Incheon Al-tong Futsal Club clinched a thrilling comeback victory against Goyang Bulls Futsal Club in the flex 2023-24 FK League Promotion Playoffs, securing their first-ever promotion to the Super League since their establishment. In a match where Incheon Al-tong Futsal Club conceded an early goal in the first half, they encountered difficulties but rallied in the second half to score four goals and claim a 4-1 victory. With this win, the team achieved a historic promotion to the FK Super League, bringing immense joy to both the team and its fans.



Furthermore, on March 9th, in the final match of the FK Dream League, they dramatically secured the second position by defeating 'Cheongju Pallazio FS' with a score of 9-2, successfully achieving the runner-up position in the 2023-24 FK Dream League season. Under the leadership of coach Kim Dae-won and a revamped lineup of players from the previous season's bottom finish, the team remarkably achieved the runner-up position. Consequently, Coach Kim Dae-won was awarded the Excellent Coach Award, while player Kim Dae-hyun received the Excellent Player Award.

The upcoming season will present new challenges in the FK Super League. Coach Kim Dae-won expressed his goals for the next season, stating, "I hope we can play each game to win by giving our best effort. I want to demonstrate what we can do in the Super League."



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