Asan FC Defender
188 cm | 78 kg

What do you think is the charm of soccer?

Soccer encompasses a harmonious blend of various sports. The stadium itself is a bustling hub of activity, and I believe this is its greatest allure.

I want to talk about Asan FC's strengths or other team's strengths, what's the difference?

Our team shares a stronger bond than other teams, both in terms of camaraderie and relationships between senior and junior members. This emphasis on closeness and unity, as highlighted by our director, contributes to a positive team atmosphere.

What's your mindset?

Having the mindset of being the most talented is crucial within the stadium. However, it's equally important to possess the necessary skills and abilities that back up this confidence. It requires a strong determination to put in the hard work and be fully prepared.


Do you have any jinx or habits before the game?

Before the game, I have a specific routine in the locker room where I wash my face. I follow a simple process of washing it five times and then drying it with a towel. Additionally, when entering the stadium, I make a conscious effort to position myself as the second-to-last person to go out.

I think it will be affected a lot by the flow of the game. How do you control your mind every time?

If there's a 1 to 100, I'm inclined to keep it at 50. If it's too high, I try to reduce it, but if it's too low, I raise it and set it to 50.

I think that's when I play the most effectively. 

Please give an honest review after wearing Wavewear.

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 Wearing these knee guards significantly reduces the strain and fatigue on your legs, resulting in a noticeable difference. Recognizing this advantage, I decided to wear them and experienced improved physical condition the following day.

What is your future goal?

First of all, I want to play for a long time without injury.

I think the biggest goal for any soccer player is to become a member of the national team. To do that, I have to try to play in the first division. 

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