MASHA ALIEVA #figureskating

MASHA ALIEVA #figureskating

Figure Skater 


Tell us what made you so passionate about figure skating.

I started skating when I was three because my sister was skating. I saw her skating and I realized that was something I wanted to do.

I also remember my first time watching the Olympics in 2014. When I saw those girls skating, I realized that I would want to be in the Olympics some day.  After watching the Olympics I started skating more and trained more. I started to progress a lot.

That was when I found my connection with the ice. Whenever I'm on the ice I forget about everything.  



Which strengths do you believe you have that make you a competent figure skater?

Right now I’m doing ice dance, I'm not a single skater anymore.
People have mentioned that one of my strengths is that I have long legs.
For example, my physique can help provide an aesthetic look of having long lines for extensions when performing different dance routines with my partner.

Ice dance is more focused on art because you don't jump. You don't have all those tricks that you do in singles .The hardest parts are the lifts and spins, but there is no pressure of jumping. The performance has to be pleasing to watch and aesthetic just like art is.

What is one key lesson you've learned from your time as a professional skater?

Probably listen to my body and I'm still learning that lesson. Because every time something hurts and you don't want to stop because there's always something coming up, something exciting.

This year was my first year as an ice dancer, and I started representing France with my partner. We had all the exciting international competitions coming up and then I had a hip injury. I was not listening to my body.

So I think right now that was my last lesson. If something hurts, stop it's better to wait 3 weeks than 5 months.

Which WaveWear products do you like most and why?

I love WaveWear leggings. I like the taping and also the compression; they're just perfect. I also tried other products like the shirts, shorts, and knee sleeves, I’ve tried all the products.

Now I really like the open back workout top.I am also using WaveWear knee sleeves because I had knee surgery five years ago, so I still try to keep myself healthy.

Also, my mom is a volleyball coach and she's using the wrist taping, she's been really enjoying that with volleyball. 


 What do you believe is the greatest challenge most figure skaters are facing today?

I think dealing with your body’s health and mental health. I believe fueling our body in the right way is important. I think young skaters struggle with that, and should be educated on this at a young age.

Learning about healthy eating habits and learning about what our bodies need is important, also having a good support system.  


What do you see yourself accomplishing in five to 10 years?

I really hope to make it to the world championships in the next Winter Olympics and then go to college. I think education is very important. 

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