Tighter and stronger, K2 Knee Sleeve Released

Tighter and stronger, K2 Knee Sleeve Released

Hi Wavers,

We are happy to announce that we had developed a new knee sleeve, a tighter version of the prior WaveWear K1 kinesiology taping knee sleeve and released WaveWear K2 kinesiology taping knee sleeve!


Focused on wavewear knee sleeves in detail


Since we received lots of requests and also feedbacks asking for a tighter version of the K1 knee sleeve. So we made one  


It provides the same benefits such as the knee mapping surrounds and supports the patella and secures to prevent injuries while simultaneously relieving pain.


What is different from the K1 knee sleeve?
showing the differences between the wavewear sleeve and the K1 sleeve

While the K1 knee sleeve was ideal for daily use considered for comfort and light weight usage, K2 is much ideal for sports activities and shorter use which gives a tighter compression with antibacterial fabric.


Also, if the K1 had a silicone band on the top of the knee sleeve to prevent the sleeve slipping down to ankle, K2 has each silicone band on the top and bottom of the knee sleeve so it will not slip down nor flip up during extreme activities.

Close up on wavewear logo on the sleeve

The whole design is almost the same, but the K2 has one more black circle, two black designed circles inside the outer silver circle which the K1 had one black circle.


We are launching K2 this time on Wadiz , korean crowdfunding platform.


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