Wave Company Extends Sponsorship Agreement with Chungnam Asan FC

Wave Company Extends Sponsorship Agreement with Chungnam Asan FC

Chungnam Asan FC holding up a sign of sponsorship with Wave Company

Wave Company announced the extension of its sponsorship agreement with Chungnam Asan FC, a Korean professional football team. 

Chungnam Asan FC(Owner Oh Se-hyeon) and Wave Company(CEO Nancy Cho) kinesiology taping sportswear manufacturer, extended their sponsorship agreement for the 2022 season. Chungnam Asan FC Executive Officer Jeon Hye-ja and Wave Company Executive Cho Ki-nam signed the agreement on February 21st at Yi Sun-sin Stadium.

Wave Company will be sponsoring its kinesiology taping compression sleeves for the calves and elbows and compression leggings. Chungnam Asan FC will be advertising Wave Company through A-frame signs and billboards in the stadium and social media. 

A member of the Chungnam Asan FC team mid kick to a ball

WAVEWEAR is Wave Company’s innovative sportswear brand with the concept of better performance and easier recovery. Through 5 years of research, WAVEWEAR developed its proprietary silicone technology BWAS(Bio Waved Adhesive Silicone), which is interwoven into its compression sleeves and legging, providing the kinesiology taping effect by just wearing the apparel. 

Compared to conventional performance wear, WAVEWEAR reduces up to 35% of lactic acid accumulation and lowers muscle fatigue. WAVEWEAR can also improve performance, speed recovery, and reduce injuries by supporting muscles and joints. 

Chungnam Asan FC Executive Officer Jeon Hye-ja said, “We are excited to extend our agreement with Wave Company. With WAVEWEAR aiding our players to prevent injuries and improving performance, we look forward to excellent performance in our games this year.”

Nancy Cho, CEO of Wave Company, said: “It is a pleasure to continue our sponsorship with Chungnam Asan FC. We will support the players so they are in their best condition. With Wave Company and Chungnam Asan FC working together, I hope this year is the best for both companies.”  

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