Innovative Sportswear Technology: The story of WaveWear’s Evolution

Innovative Sportswear Technology: The story of WaveWear’s Evolution

WaveWear is an athletic wear brand that has gained widespread recognition for its innovative products that provide both protection and comfort to athletes.


Founded in 2010 by Nancy and Sangchul, WaveWear has quickly become a go-to brand for sports enthusiasts who want to avoid the risk of injury and pain during workouts and exercises.


Woman mid run down a path wearing the wavewear woman's compression leggings


Nancy's passion for running was the driving force behind the creation of WaveWear. Her personal experiences helped her understand the problems that athletes face in their daily lives, particularly in terms of injuries and pain. Meanwhile, Sangchul's expertise in business helped him formulate and implement the strategies needed to make WaveWear a success.


A man hanging from a pull up bar wearing a form fitted athletic black shirt


WaveWear's primary offering is a line of clothing and sleeves built with compression and kinesiology taping, using bio-silicone technology BWAS. The use of bio-silicone technology BWAS has enabled WaveWear to develop a range of products that offer a perfect balance of compression and comfort, providing athletes with the support they need without impeding blood circulation or movement.


A diagram starting from the left talking about the benefits of compression wear, moving to the middle about kinesiology tape and to the right a diagram of the wavewear compression leggings


The research and development process that led to the creation of WaveWear took several years of careful planning and design.

The team realized early on that excessive compression could be uncomfortable and harmful to athletes. This led them to find the optimal level of compression that would provide both protection and comfort, without compromising on either.


three models running down the street together wearing athletic wear, mid running shot


Today, WaveWear is appreciated in the sports world, with its products used by athletes and sports enthusiasts worldwide. Whether you're a professional athlete or just someone who loves to stay active, WaveWear's innovative products are designed to help you stay injury-free and comfortable during your workouts and exercises.


Looking ahead, WaveWear is poised to continue its growth and expansion as more athletes and sports enthusiasts discover the benefits of its products. With its focus on innovation, the company is set to establish itself as a dominant player in the athletic wear industry for years to come.