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Team South Korea : 5 reasons we cheered them at World Cup 2022

South Korea’s national football team went viral on social media with their victory over Portugal 2-1 in Qatar 2022 and even managed to snatch the hearts of those on social media. This team caused a buzz in the FIFA World Cup.These are 5 reasons we cheered for team South Korea at the World Cup 2022.


1.   Korea's Love For Soccer 

Soccer net and soccer players

The national football team of South Korea played their first World Cup in 1954 and then consistently from 1986.

From then on, notable players have represented the nation at World Cups. Pioneers like Cha Bum Kun and even star players like Son Heung - Min. These athletes, and more, helped to highlight the team’s skills on a global scale.



2.  2022 FIFA World Cup 

 Republic of South Korea Flag

For the first time in World Cup history, a country from the Asian Soccer Confederation advanced to the semifinals thanks to the South Korean national team.

They achieved a 5-3 win over the prominent giants of Spain. Soccer fans in Korea will always remember June 22, 2002, as a memorable day.



3. The Red Devils celebrated in downtown Seoul 

Downtown view of Seoul city in South Korea

Thousands of sports fans gathered at Gwanghwamun Square in downtown Seoul to watch the national team match against their competitors.

The Red Devils, the official supporters’ group for the national football team, organized these street cheering events. The cold temperatures couldn’t stop the devoted sports fans from cheering for the Taeguk Warriors.



4. Head coach Paulo Bento

Soccer Field Tactics

World Cup 2002 is also significant to Bento. It was the final match he played as a professional footballer.

He first started his coaching career at the age of 35 and since then established himself as the head coach of the national team of South Korea. With his game tactics, Bento is known to line up his team and use the  4 - 2 - 3 - 1 and  4 -1 -4 -1 formations. 



5. How to chant like a true Red Devil 

What sports fans wouldn't like having their own chant and shirt to commemorate their favorite team? The Red Devils' chant is powerful, and their official color is striking red.

Whenever a team is referred to as the Red Devils, there will always be excitement.

Ticktoker @Lula Korean explains it best on how to cheer like a true Red Devil.



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