JI-EUN YANG #futsal

JI-EUN YANG #futsal

Pohang Happy Together FS Pivo(PIVO)
Number 8, @yang_ji_7736
173cm | 63 kg

Please introduce yourself and your team!

I'm Yang Ji Eun, the FS president of 'Happy Together' in Pohang.
Our team was formed in December 2017 by former women's soccer players, we played weekly matches with men's teams. We challenged the competition in earnest. Since then, the teamwork has become stronger.

How did you start playing futsal?

Maybe it's because of my background in soccer, but when I was searching for a new hobby, futsal naturally came to mind. I chose to start playing futsal because it doesn't require a large number of players and it's easily accessible, making it convenient for me to enjoy.

Futsal doesn't give you a chance to get bored. With the fast development of play, you can lose a point as soon as you relax. So I think the audience is more engaged.


I wonder about the difference between futsal and soccer. 

After playing futsal for about 5 years, I feel that it is a completely different sport from soccer.

In soccer, time control is very important and there are many fights due to team tactics, long kicks, and offside rules. Instead, futsal differs in that it has to pay more attention to individual skills because it plays in a smaller space.

And futsal's physical strength must be supported more than anything else because it is fast to switch offense and defense during the game.


Do you have any personal techniques or strategies to prevent and recover from injury?

When you play, your calf muscles are strained and you can easily injure your ankles. I stretch my calf muscles a lot, and in the case of my ankles, I tend to put the kinesiology tape before the game.

First, I take a break then I try to reduce movement as much as possible and apply ice a lot.

Also, since I usually bump into my opponent, I'm building up my physical strength with core exercises and weights.

You participated in a lot of competitions. Any memorable episodes?

At the time of the Yeongdeok FK Cup, I remember scoring a lot in the last game, and all the team members were happy.


What are your strengths, and also how do you overcome weaknesses?

My physical strength is my strength. But personally, I'm disappointed that I can't play more delicately.

I'm a little weak at connecting fast-time passes, so I'm trying to be cautious to give a non-stop pass before catching the ball during a practice game.

When the game is not going well, I change with another player so I can reset my mindset. Then I calmly watch the flow of the game from the outside, I think about what I should do when I will join in the next game.

I don't have other physical weaknesses in particular, but I often go to the bathroom before the game, because I always feel a bit nervous.


How do you feel about wearing Wavewear? 

I wore the knee sleeves and then I practiced. I liked the feeling that the taping was wrapped tightly around the knee.

After the game, I sweated a lot and washed it right away, but the taping was still sticky and the fabric itself did not stretch, so I am satisfied.


Ji-Eun Yang - Favorite Product

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