BMX Racing
Kyung Hee University
172 cm | 75 kg


Can you introduce BMX for those of us who aren't familiar with it?

BMX stands for bicycle motocross. People tend to think of BMX as stunting, but there are two competitions within it: freestyle BMX and BMX racing. I'm mainly a BMX racer.

How did you start BMX racing? 

I initially began my cycling journey with a mountain bike. At the age of eleven, I had the opportunity to meet a BMX coach who introduced me to the world of BMX. For a period of time, I engaged in both BMX and MTB disciplines, but eventually made the decision to concentrate only on BMX because I wanted to compete in the Olympics.


BMX seems a lot more difficult and dangerous compared to regular cycling. Is there a high risk of injury for BMX?

Yeah, I'd say injuries are prevalent in BMX. But that's why we have protective gear and safety training. That doesn't mean we're always safe obviously. I think being aware of the risk does prevent serious injuries.
The risk of injury does not stop me from loving BMX. I have tried all sorts of cycling: mountain biking, road cycling, and track cycling. I think BMX is by far the most exciting sport of them all.

What did you think about WaveWear? 

I wear on WaveWear when I do strength training. When I do my squats and deadlifts the T20 compression top was very helpful. I was really happy with the back tape.
I don't usually say things like this but I could really feel the difference in my own body. My back has been less sore since I trained with T20. So T20 is the most special product for me and I'll train with it for as long as I can.


Which WaveWear product would you recommend?

As I said earlier, I would definitely recommend the T20 top. Other than that, I really like the C2 calf compression sleeves. I even wore them in a race. When I first wore it, I thought I had selected a bigger size because it didn't feel too tight. But then I realized that the silicone tape works well, and that made a big difference.


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