WaveWear's BWAS™ Technology: an Innovative Solution for Athletic Performance and Recovery

WaveWear's BWAS™ Technology: an Innovative Solution for Athletic Performance and Recovery

Kinesiology taping has become a popular technique among athletes to improve their athletic performance, prevent injury, and reduce pain. However, traditional kinesiology tape application can be time-consuming and difficult, and it may not always stay in place during intense physical activities. In addition, it's important to consider the environmental impact of athletic products and equipment, including kinesiology tape. Unfortunately, traditional kinesiology tape is not sustainable and often ends up in landfills after just one use. This can contribute to pollution and harm the planet in the long run. By using WaveWear's innovative BWAS™ technology and built-in kinesiology tape sportswear, athletes can reduce their environmental footprint and make a more sustainable choice without compromising on performance or comfort.


So WaveWear and its BWAS™ technology represent a revolutionary innovation that takes kinesiology taping to the next level while also addressing sustainability concerns.

man sitting in the dark wearing wavewear leggings, close up on the logo

You may be wondering, what is BWAS™ Technology?

The BWAS™ technology is an adhesive bio-silicone that recreates the design and effect of kinesiology tape. The innovative BWAS™ technology has enabled the creation of WaveWear: sportswear that has built-in kinesiology tape. 


a short clip of a man peeling off kinesiology tape to show that there is no tearing or ripping


The bio-silicone is medical-grade and CE medical approved, meaning that it is safe for use on the skin and non-toxic. Moreover, the flexibility and stretch of the silicone material allow for improved comfort and mobility during athletic activities.


A woman hanging upside down on an Ariel silk rope with her leg extended back


With the BWAS™ technology, the kinesiology tape is integrated into the fabric of the sportswear, providing athletes with the same support, lift, and protection as traditional kinesiology tape. This means that it is possible to wear kinesiology tape during their entire training session or game without worrying about it coming loose or losing its effectiveness. 


Additionally, since the BWAS™ technology is washable and reusable, the kinesiology tape built into the sportswear remains effective over multiple uses, making it a more sustainable and cost-effective option.


A short clip to show where the kinesiology tape is located on the compression top, on the shoulders and lower back


By offering enhanced durability, comfort, adhesion, and performance, WaveWear and its BWAS™ technology represent a significant leap forward in the field of kinesiology taping. This revolutionary technology has the potential to assist athletes in maximizing their performance, reducing the likelihood of injury, and accelerating their recovery process.

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