HAN-GYUL KIM #trackandfield

HAN-GYUL KIM #trackandfield

Korea National Sport University Track and Field (High Jump)
171 cm | 54 kg

Please can you briefly explain how the high jump works?

There are mats, bars, and posts in high jump. We'll jump over 3 times in a comfortable way. The player who jumps the highest wins. 

It's the most interesting track and field event. 

There was a break in your career. Did you have a chance to jump high again?

During my younger years, I took a break from exercising because it was difficult.
But as I got older, my career aspirations started to grow.

My mom really wanted me to showcase my talents, so I decided to go for physical education. It was fun when I came back and it was pleasant to have many dreams. Asian Games, Universa, Korea National Sport University, etc.
I wanted to leave a record of my name.

You have had a relatively short career as a player, but you have a stellar record. You're continuously breaking your own records. Do you have your own know-how?

In my second year of high school, I had a significant encounter with a senior who was a performance trainer. My senior gave me a lot of records and top that he collected over the past 10 years.

I think it was a big influence that he gave me exercise methods and tips that fit my Korean athlete's body type. Thanks to him, I was able to spend less time wandering.

Were there any games or athletes you've been paying attention to during this Olympics?

 Both of the players who won this time actually broke their left ankle at some point. But look at them now, back on top. That's seriously amazing and cool.

Speaking of impressive performances, the men's high jump set a new record with a jump of 2.33m.

I think the success of both Woo Sang-Hyuk and the other players can be attributed to the positive vibes and uplifting atmosphere surrounding them.

What are your strengths and weaknesses as a player?

I have such a deep understanding of my body that I can elevate my performance for a brief period of time.

But when it comes to taking care of my mental health during important matches, I must admit I have some hesitation, perhaps because my career is relatively short-lived.

Honest review after wearing Wavewear. 

When my knees were trembling like crazy, Knee Sleeves K2 came to my rescue and provided me with tremendous support.

Additionally, I regularly incorporate the use of Calf Sleeves C2 after my workouts. Its purpose is to minimize calf swelling and alleviate muscle fatigue. I've noticed a remarkable improvement in my overall condition the day after wearing it.

Tell us about your future goals!

I've wanted to participate in the Paris and LA Olympics since I was young. 

I also want to participate in the Universiade and the upcoming Asian Games.

I want to set a college record for all the records that I can do as a college student before graduation. 

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