KANG-GUK KIM #soccer

KANG-GUK KIM #soccer

Asan FC Midfielder
181 cm | 72 kg

What do you think is the charm of soccer?

Because it's a team sport, teamwork is more important than anyone else's. 

One of the most attractive aspects is the fact that other players have the ability to compensate if someone is not performing at their best.

How do you manage to maintain control over your mindset amidst the ever-changing dynamics of the game, knowing that it can greatly influence your performance?

Never giving up is absolutely essential. Even when things don't go as planned or when faced with a loss, you have to keep pushing forward. That's why I always brainstorm ways to turn the situation around or start from scratch. The moment you start believing you've lost is when everything starts falling apart.

What are your feelings and weaknesses as a player?

I have impressive passing and game coordination skills, and kicking happens to be one of my strengths as well. However, I'm aware of certain physical attributes that I may be lacking in. So, I'm putting in the effort to make up for it and strengthen those areas. 

You've been captain a lot. Was there a special reason?

At first glance, my personality may have appeared far from that of a captain. Yet, the directors saw something in me. They placed their trust in me and gave me the opportunity to lead. I worked hard and took much responsibility as possible, and I believe it's through these efforts that they have come to appreciate me.


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During my workout sessions, I consistently wore the "Calf Sleeves c2" without taking them off even during intense training sessions. I've seen a lot of results in muscle and physical strength. 

What is your future goal?

I want to play for the national team. I also want to play as many games as possible in the league and I'm trying hard to be a player for a long time. 


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