YOUNG-HYUN KIM #baseball

YOUNG-HYUN KIM #baseball

KT WIZ Pitcher, Number 97 
180 cm | 80 kg


It is possible to say that you just started you professional life. Is there anything different about becoming a professional player?

Playing baseball is the same as in high school but learning is much more organized and in-depth. There are a lot of coaches as well as weight training, treatment, and technology. So I like it because there are many ways to communicate and there are many channels to learn.

Above all, I feel more responsible than before. Now I have to be able to absorb the knowledge and pull them off because baseball has become my job.

There was a time when you said that you would do everything if fans asked for it. Is this real?

If they ask too much, I'll be embarrassed. There's a limit to what I can do for them. There will be times when fans are upset, but saying no is the right thing to do.

What was enjoyable about wearing Wavewear?

I like the sleeveless R10 and leggings L20.

Leggings are efficient at holding muscles, so you can exercise stably.

There have been many cases where I used kinesiology tape before games but it was comfortable and not practical as Wavewear.

What is your future goal?

My goal is to do it consistently and doesn't get sick. You can play baseball if you don't get sick. I think I should focus on preventing injuries and exercising.

I don't have a suitable physique for a pitcher. I think I need the stamina to take that into account. Also, I want to make sure that I feel stable when I play.

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