GEON-WOOK LEE #baseball

GEON-WOOK LEE #baseball

SSG Landers Pitcher, Number 23
183 cm | 85 kg

Why do you interest in baseball? Do you have any background in pitching positions?

My father was a college baseball player. I think that's why my family wanted to continue my father's dream. Of course, I like baseball too.

Also, he helped me a lot. It was fun throwing a ball when I was young. That's how I naturally became a pitcher.

Of course, I experienced other positions when I was a student. Even when I watched professional players' games on TV, I couldn't see the batter.

The pitcher battles alone with many batters, so there is a lot of pressure. Do you have any specific techniques or strategies to successfully overcome this pressure?

Any position has its difficulty to deal with. But I think it's more important to have fun than to feel burdened every time. Because you have to do it eventually.

What are some key things to consider as a baseball player?

I think taking care of your body is the most important thing.
No matter how high your ability is, it's useless if you're sick.
Even if you learn something, it's vital to take care of your body. Of course, no matter how prepared you are, you can't predict getting hurt, but you always have to take care of your body.

Actually, I had to face it when my form shot up last year, but my body couldn't keep up because of the injury. I had a hard time mentally and I was really sad.

Do you have any memorable baseball moments?

My father's dream when he was young was to become a youth representative. Unfortunately, he didn't achieve his dream.
When I was in my second year of high school, I was selected for the national youth team.

I called my father right away and told him. I found out later that my father was driving. He said me that he stopped the car after the call and cheered outside. I still remember that moment.

Which Wavewear product was helpful?

I found the L20 leggings to be beneficial in terms of muscle support and their taping effect. I particularly enjoyed using the C2 calf protector.

There are situations in which a pitcher requires immediate speed, and the application of kinesiology tape with pressure proved advantageous for me. As a result, I prefer to wear it during games rather than during training sessions.

What is your goal for the future?

The more I know about baseball, the more I don't know. But I can't help but study. This year, I'll study more and get used to it.
I want to show the positive side of me again.

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