Pohang Happy Together FS Fixo(FIXO)
Number 2
153cm | 44 kg

Please introduce the  "Happy Together" team!

Happy Together is an elected team and has been playing futsal every Wednesday matches with the men's teams.
All players have high personal skills and try to play creatively in a free atmosphere. Especially, there are many people who are old school mates, so we work well together.
I was introduced by a friend of the Happy Together team and played together as a guest. The atmosphere of the team was so good that I joined as a member.

I wonder about the difference between futsal and soccer. What's the charm of futsal?

I think the biggest difference is the number of people playing the game. Soccer has 11 players, but futsal has 5 players. Futsal can be changed from time to time. But there are many other differences such as game time, specifications, and number of people.

The size of the stadium is much smaller in a futsal field. When the ball is out of the touchline in soccer, starts playing with the draw-in hand, but futsal starts playing with the feet.
And compared to soccer, the game time is shorter. I think the biggest attraction of football is that players can touch the ball a lot.

Do you have your own know-how to prevent and recover from injury?

Futsal or soccer is an exercise that uses the whole body. In particular, there is a high risk of injury to the knees and ankles.

So I try to minimize injuries by giving the ball quickly and avoiding it before I take my foot out or risk hitting it when I feel like I'm going to get hurt.
Immediately after the injury, it calms down with an ice pack. If the pain persists, it is actively treated.

Please explain your position in the team.   

I'm in charge of central defense. I play in front of the goalkeeper and is more focused on defense than offense.
You can think of it as the same position as the center defense in soccer. I have fun in the process of taking the ball away, such as blocking the opponent's striker's attack and intercepting it.

You participated in a lot of competitions. Any memorable episodes?

I once played as a goalkeeper because there was no goalkeeper in the Yanggu match.
Unexpectedly, he won by PK in the semifinals and reached the final, but unfortunately, I remember losing by PK and finishing second.

What are your strengths, and also how do you overcome weaknesses or jinxes?

I think my strength is my defense. On the contrary, if the game becomes excessive or intense due to insufficient offense, I think I lose my concentration because I get agitated.
I'm trying to increase my offense by dribbling more little by little during matches every week. When you plan a strategy with the players, you can cheer up and do it! That's how I control my thinking.
I don't have a jinx, but I don't like a bloated feeling, so I don't eat as much food if possible before the game.

How do you feel about wearing wavewear and what did you like?

In the case of the calf brace C2, it was good that the silicone band held up well. Due to the nature of football, the movement of the lower body is often intense, but it was comfortable because it didn't fall down every time I moved.
I was very satisfied with the feeling of tightening the calf muscles.

As of 2023, A member of Happy Together FS.

Joining Pohang Happy Together FS Team