KIM BO YEON #futsal

KIM BO YEON #futsal

Daejeon Nimble FS Pixo (PIXO), Number 9
155 cm | 51 kg

Let’s begin with some introductions: tell us about yourself and your team.

I am Kim Bo-yeon, and I am the manager and player for Nimble team, which is a futsal team based in Daejeon. We are currently celebrating our 10th year since being founded in 2012. Our team consists of former soccer players and amateur players who train together every week. As the oldest team in Daejeon, we are proud of our consistent participation in competitions and our ability to achieve top performance year after year.

I believe the key to our team's longevity is our strength, consistency, and teamwork. We have a deep level of trust and respect for each other, which has made us more like family than teammates.


Could you share with us what makes futsal so appealing?

The world of futsal is full of ups and downs, providing valuable life lessons through the act of play. My love for futsal really took off after I joined the Nimble team, and now I can hardly separate the two in my mind.

While some may mistake futsal for a scaled-down version of soccer, it's a distinct sport with unique challenges. I quickly discovered this after stepping onto the field, as the narrower space requires strong individual ball control and decision-making skills, with lightning-fast transitions between offense and defense.

In my opinion, futsal is an ideal workout for experiencing the thrill of team play through swift and decisive actions.


What position do you play on the team?

I am the final defender on the field. My role is crucial in maintaining a strong defense while also directing the entire team from a wide perspective. Operating in a heavily defensive position, I work in sync with players who manage both offense and defense, as well as those who concentrate solely on offense. This affords me the ability to maintain a vigilant gaze on all field players and steer our tactics accordingly.

I find it particularly rewarding when I can contribute to an attacking play, such as by creating opportunities for scoring through overlapping and creating confusion in the opposing team's camp. Additionally, nothing beats the satisfaction of successfully assisting a teammate with a well-timed pass.

All in all, I believe that my role is a fascinating position that requires strong coordination and leadership skills to guide our field players toward success.


Do you have your own way to prevent and overcome injuries?

I've had knee, ankle, and Achilles tendon surgery before, so I'm always careful when it comes to physical activity. I tape myself up, do some exercises, and ice to catch any pain early.

To avoid getting injured again, I work out with bands and do some balance board or coordination training to keep my body in check.

But the most important thing is to keep a positive mindset. I try not to get mentally weak and motivate myself to keep exercising regularly. It really helps to encourage me not to give up on staying fit and healthy!

How do you control the mind during the game?

It's all about imagining good things happening and then doing what it takes to make them come true. This is how I hype myself up!

I believe it's achievable, and I have faith in my teammates. This positive mindset helps me shake off any bad habits or superstitions before the game. And thanks to these efforts, I think I was able to bring good results in the game.

What are your feelings and weaknesses as a player? 

I have a pretty strong mindset, which can be a strength and a weakness at the same time. Also, sometimes I can be a little stubborn, but I am working on it, and I'm trying to be more flexible. 

Even if I can't play for a while, I still wanna be a valuable player for my team. So I'm taking things easier and practicing more, all while taking good care of my body.


 What do you think about WaveWear?

I tried on a WaveWear product because I had muscle pain in my calves. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it significantly reduced my pain. So I liked it, especially because it allowed me to exercise while remaining relaxed.

I have been playing soccer and football for a long time, and I have always had minor injuries and pain. What it feels different is that with WaveWear products I feel more protected than with the usual taping.

While the product generally works well during practice and competitions, there are moments during aggressive play when I would prefer a more stable feeling. Overall, I am satisfied with the product's performance and continue to use it regularly.


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