MINJI KIM #speedskating

MINJI KIM #speedskating

Speed Skating Korea National Sport University
163 cm | 57 kg

Tell us about how you started speed skating.

I took up speed skating with the intention of spending more time with my dad, who happens to be a speed skating coach. Moreover, since my brother had already started skating, it felt like a natural choice for me to join in too.

Skaters seem to have a preference for the inner or outer lanes. Which lane do you prefer to start on?

As a short-distance skater, my strategy involves finishing the race in the inner lane. This means that if I start on the inner lane, I will end up on the outer lane, and vice versa.

 For the 500 m, I find it advantageous to start on the outer lane, while for the 1000 m, I prefer starting on the inner lane.

The reason behind this preference lies in the nature of races, which can become increasingly tiring as they progress. By finishing in the inner lane, I not only gain the benefit of a shorter distance but also have a clearer view of my competitors ahead of me, resulting in potentially improved records.

How do you deal with accidents that happen during training or competition?

Whenever I experience sensations that indicate potential injury to my body, I prioritize my well-being and choose not to engage in training. But, unfortunately, there's no good way to prevent injuries.

In June of last year, I sustained a knee injury. Initially, I believed it would heal on its own, but as time went on, the pain intensified and became more debilitating. Eventually I worked on strengthening the muscles around my knee.

Despite the physical setback, I remained mentally resilient. I viewed the injury as a temporary pause rather than a permanent setback, considering it a brief break before the upcoming Beijing Olympics.

In one of your races, your competitor tripped. The results of speed skating competitions are often affected by who you're racing against. How do you deal with situations like that?

In that race, I was a little distracted obviously, but I tried to take my mind off it. I just tried to focus on myself and keep my pace.

And to be honest, I'm too focused on my own race to be paying attention to what's happening.


What are your strengths and weaknesses as a speed skater? 

Because I mainly race short distances, the start is very critical. My first push at the start is very quick.

However, I struggle to maintain the same level of speed and intensity as the race progresses. I think this is something I could work on as a skater.

What did you think of WaveWear?

When I injured my knee, the K2 knee sleeves helped a lot.

I was in quite a bit of pain and I wasn't able to train without kinesiology tape. But with the K2 sleeves, I didn't need the tape and I could train, so that was awesome.

I like the T20 compression top as well. This helps me a lot when I wear it underneath my uniform.

Tell us about your goals for the future.

I'd like to compete in the Beijing Olympics and hopefully win a medal. After that, I want to be an athlete at the top of my game.

But I try not to think too far ahead. I feel like that would take away the focus. I want to focus on the present.

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