Kiwoom Heroes Pitcher, Number 34
183 cm | 85 kg

You change your position when you were a student. I wonder why you choose a pitcher.

The pitcher is on the mound, the highest point on the field. He was fighting along with a batter there. That lingered in my mind. That's why I chose the pitcher. 

Each player often has a jinx or routine. What about you?

I don't have a special routine. 

But after I came across Wavewear, before my competition or when I practiced, I'd were Wavewear.

After that, when I work out, I feel like I'm getting muscles. So during the game, the burden on the body is reduced, and the stiff muscles are loosened quickly, so my condition is okay. 

Who is the most helpful player on the team?

It's Cho Sang-Woo and Kim Sung-Min.

Since I just started my professional career, it was challenging. The two players talk about their professional lives and how to exercise, they gave me a lot of advice. 

I'm learning a lot thanks to them. 

Of course, they take good care of the other senior pitchers too. 

Your honest review after wearing Wavewear.

The product was made from really high-quality materials. 

I especially liked the F1 and L20 leggings. There is no damage or loosening. 

With proper pressure and only the necessary parts, I was satisfied. 

I think there will be a lot of tension and stress on the mound. Is there a special way to control your mind?

Ultimately, you have to throw the ball regardless of the circumstances. It's not good to feel pressured every now and then. 

Instead, I try my best to throw all the balls. There is a responsibility on the player's part to throw something so that it does not go to waste. 

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