Su-Hwan Lee

The Bacrowse
180 cm | 66 kg

Please introduce the meaning and introduction of the Bacrowse team name.

We're a street workout team in Cheongju, and Bacrowse means iron bar crows.

In March 2015, Bacrowse was founded and I am one of several members, including team members who filmed together as a team leader. 

Many people are curious about the team's name. I tried to combine the team names into various words. I chose it because it looked cool, but it turned out that the crow was the most intelligent bird. So I added a positive meaning flying freely over the bar.

What kind of exercise do you usually do?

The most common exercise is bare-body exercise. And I usually do street workouts at the iron bar. 

And I'm doing Animal Flow, which is a movement that creates movement, following various movements of animals. 

Animal Flow can be a bit unfamiliar. What kind of exercise is it?

In Animal Flow, you move like an animal with your bare body.

People used to crawl when they were babies, right? In the beginning, natural movements are effective exercises, These days, people who are just sitting down need it. 

And because it's bare-body exercise, it's possible anytime, anywhere without restrictions, and you use your brain in the process of changing directions, so you can develop both body and mind, not just muscle exercise. 

How did you start Animal Flow?

There was a time when I had a muscle rupture while exercising with an iron bar, and I felt that there was a gap in my exercise. So I started Animal Flow to fill that gap. 

What's the hardest and the funniest part of Animal Flow?

At first, it might be difficult, but when you feel the limits of the movement, you can slowly adjust the intensity, so it's difficult to tell the difference. 

During the process of animal flow, you must follow the call-out (instructions).

For example, if you are given an animal, you must follow its movements in order to overcome it. However, the process of overcoming it is fun even though your body doesn't respond to you very well. And personally, I like the chin balance movement that holds out in a handstand position. 

You tried on Wavewear products while filming today. How is it going?

I tend to put a lot of pressure on my wrist when I do animal flow. But the Wavewear protector is light and thin overall, so it doesn't look like I'm wearing anything, but it's strong enough to hold the parts that I need. 

In the case of the wrist, I felt that the pain was slightly reduced because it firmed held the renal muscle. And there was some kind of psychological stability. Usually, I was worried that I might get hurt while doing this move, but that worry decreased. 

Which product was most helpful for Animal Flow? 

The comfortable pressure of the leggings was helpful, and wrist guards and knee guards also helped a lot. 

However, when the wrist rotates 360 degrees, the Velcro part, which is a fastening device, touches the skin and tries to take it off slightly. So I think it would be good if that part was improved. 


2022 ~  Member of the Bacrowse team

2015 ~  Foundation team founding