JU-MEE PARK #fencing

JU-MEE PARK #fencing

Korea National Sport University Fencing 
175 cm | 63 kg


Please tell us more about fencing and how it works. 

There are three types of fencing: épée, foil, and sabre. Among them, I play sabre. Saber uses a metal jacket. Unlike other sports, you can attack by stabbing as well as cutting.

Instead, for foil, except for the head and arms, the upper body is the effective hitting surface.By stabbing, you earn points with the point on the tip of the knife. 

In the end, Épée can attack the whole body.

How did you start fencing?

I like sports when I was in middle school, so I tried to join the track and field club but the track and field team disappeared.

Then, when my physical education teacher left on a business trip, another teacher came as a substitute.
He was the school's fencing coach. He suddenly picked up heavy things and asked me to do a few things while running. Then he offered to fence.

What are some exercises to support fencing?

Fencing is a lower-body exercise. So I do a lot of lower body-centered exercises like squats. The preparation position is called "Angarde".

I do a lot of sit-down and stand-up moves in that posture. Your thighs should always be in shape because there are a lot of lower body movements.

Please tell us about a memorable fencing experience.

I won a gold medal in the team event at the World Youth Championships this year. At first, I met a Polish player, followed by Turkey and Russia.

Russia is such a fencing power that I thought I wouldn't be able to win. I tried to reduce the burden by saying it was okay if I don't play well. Even if I didn't do well, I wanted to do better next time.

There was one junior, so I told my junior that it was okay. But I was under a lot of pressure. I remember saying that it's okay to lose, so do what you want to do with confidence.


I think it would have been different when you was in middle and high school compared to training, mind, and game situations now. Is there a big difference?

When I was in middle and high school, training and competition were just fun.

When we gave our opinions, the teacher listened to us a lot. I didn't have a senior in middle and high school. The teacher picked four long-reaching students and raised them exactly the same. So there was no sense of seniority. As a result, we tend to create an atmosphere conducive to working out.

When I go to college, I tend to try to match the professor's style.
At first, I had a hard time because I couldn't adapt to the systematic training and the clear relationship between seniors and juniors.
I am committed to working hard on everything.


You said you like the atmosphere in middle and high school, so what did you think was significant at the time?

I think the atmosphere is very significant for exercise. You don't want to work out every day.

However, if there's a game, even if you're tired, you have to stay motivated, but if that doesn't work, it's challenging. So I used to shout out loud.

It's important to enjoy time with your friends. I feel like I want to rest because I'm having a hard time these days. It's difficult to get more exercise after coming to college. But if I take a break at times like this, I might want to rest endlessly.

What were the positive and negative aspects of wearing Wavewear?

I like leggings Y20 and elbow sleeves E2.

Leggings hold your calves and thighs. Leggings that are usually tight feel like they have a wristband added to them.

I don't think I'm burdened or worried about injuries when I work out. The elbow sleeves are really strong.

Tell us about your future goals!

My goal is to prepare well and enter the athlete's village next year.
To do that, I need to prepare well for next year.

My goal is to play for the national team under the age of 23 and 25.
The national standing army is a place I've been to a lot, but I haven't been able to enter the village yet, so I'm trying to do so quickly.

Eventually, I want to make it to the national team and make it to the Olympics.

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