Former KT WIZ (Currently Hanwha Eagles), Number 29
191 cm | 103 kg

What's special about the KT WIZ team?

Our team has a lot of young players. At the same time, there are many senior citizens, so it's harmonious. 

It's helpful to create synergy between each other. 

I've been practicing very seriously, and I'm slowly moving forward. Rookies or young players try to learn a lot of helpful habits, routines, and know-how from seniors. 

Do you have anything you've gained or regretted from your professional career?

I think what I gained was the experience I gained from playing baseball. 

One by one, I gained a lot of experience. 

I was able to get a lot of things inside and outside of baseball but I'm sorry that I didn't show a good performance as the team or fans expected. 

There may be a visible record, but as a player, you don't meet the standards of what you think of yourself.

You have to keep trying. 

What is the most significant thing for a baseball player?

I think the most significant thing is mental. 

Mental strength, or concentration.

Baseball starts when a pitcher throws the ball. 

In a crisis situation, it's imperative to maintain the mentality of throwing the ball as usual or better. 

In other words, it's courage to throw without being nervous. 

Have you ever felt any limitations mentally and physically in your career?

Throwing the ball is a pitchers role, but there are times when it's difficult. 

It's a pleasure to have fun when you throw a ball. That's what it is.

But I don't feel well when I feel tired. It's confusing.

I wonder if it's a slump. 

What was pleasant about wearing Wavewear?

I think I can say it precisely because I always wear it.

K2 doesn't feel tight when you run, but it's really comfortable because it naturally holds it. 

However, it appears that the tape is holding it well. 

Elbow protector E2 is also effective.

I wear it when I feel my elbows are stiff during weight training. I like the comfort of wearing Wavewear. 

Even if I keep wearing it, it feels like I'm not wearing it. 

It's doesn't feel too much pressure, but the silicon inside holds it really well. 

Tell us about your future goals. 

By increasing the power of my ball, I want to give people a stable feeling. 

You have to keep your balance. To be consistent in every game

To do that, I'm not only throwing the ball, but I'm also training with weights and speed. 


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