SEUNG-JU PARK #baseball

SEUNG-JU PARK #baseball

Kiwoom Heroes Pitcher, Number 42
179 cm | 98 kg


What kind of charm have you find in baseball?

When I was young I happened to pass by the baseball training ground with my parents, I thought I wanted to play baseball without realizing it. But my father, a former player, knew how hard the road was, so he opposed it at first, but now he's rooting for me more than anyone else.


Is there any reason why you changed your position from catcher to pitcher?

When I was in high school, my teacher saw me throw a ball and recommended I try pitching. Since then, I have served as a catcher and pitcher, and after going to college, I became a pitcher according to my strengths. My experience in various positions led me to realize that basic skills are just as critical as what I do. 


What are your strengths? Who is your role model?

I used to imitate Oh Seeing-Hwan a lot because I have a bit of a body and a wild style, but now that I'm in Kiwoom, I'm learning a lot from Cho Sang-Woo of the same team. 

As a baseball teammate, he offers me a lot of advice despite being the same age as Cho Sang-Woo. I think it's a relationship that grows by helping each other. 


When was the most memorable moment in baseball's life?

I remember the day when I made my first save in the first division. After my professional debut, this year was my most successful year, and I was happy when I won my first match against NC. 


What are your goals for the next season?

I reached a career-high this year. However, I hope I can work hard to move forward without being complacent and become a player who can contribute a lot to the team.

As a baseball player, my long-term goal is to play a healthy game without injury. I want to play as a player for as long as possible.


How do you overcome an injury?

Fortunately, I haven't been injured recently, but before I was drafted into the military, I had Tommy John surgery in 2017. At that time, I paid a lot of attention to my recovery while receiving rehabilitation from the military. I did elbow strengthening exercises the most and focused on muscle exercises so that my muscles could support me well when I throw the ball again. 


You said you tried our product when you were working out, but I'd like to hear your review. 

The first thing that came to my mind when I wore tights was that it definitely held me well.

Sometimes I kick the ball as a hobby, and my knee always hurts. But with Wavewear leggings I didn't really feel much pain.

As pitchers, we also put a bit of strain on our lower bodies. When throwing the ball, the opposite side supports the power, so the ankle, knee, and hamstring are pulled, and the product was very helpful at this time.

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