Sailing (Laser Radial)
162 cm | 66 kg


Please tell me about the yacht and how it is played. 

It's largely divided into windsurfing and dinghy yachts.
I'm doing laser radial on a dinghy yacht.
You can circle around the designated buoy and arrive at the finish line.
Yachts competed for several days. We add up the scores according to the ranking. The biggest difference from other sports is the start.


What does it mean to have a different start?

Usually, the game starts when you're ready. But we are given five minutes after the game begins.
Let's start the game after five minutes.
Until then, check the location of the buoy and check the direction of the wind.
There is also a place where players can fight for a spot. 


What is the appeal of yachting as a sport?

The biggest attraction is that it's an event at the sea. I can't feel any restraint in the sea. 

Compared to other sports, it's difficult to access, so it's fortunate that it's not common. And the topography is different depending on the sea.
So even if you're always on the water, you can feel that it's different every time.


What is the most critical thing for a yacht player?

I think there should be no fear of the sea. If it's windy, the sea can look really scary. 

Once you're scared, you can't go forward. It's important to get close to the sea. 

What are your strengths and regrets as a player?

I have a lot of affection for yachts, so I keep asking questions to coaches and continuing to study on my own. That's why I make fewer mistakes.

I think strength and affection are my strengths. What's disappointing is my mentality. It's fatal. It shakes a lot.
But people around me know that, so please pay a lot of attention.
Thanks to them, I think I've improved a lot.


Your honest review after wearing Wavewear.

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When you do squats or running, your knees and calves can get hurt. Every time, I hesitated to tape it.

"Compression Leggings Y20" is not adhesive, but silicone so it was really comfortable and nice to wear it without worrying about it. 


What is your future goal?

I want to increase awareness of women's yacht events. The yacht itself has not changed, but the women's event no longer exists.

First of all, I will try harder to become a coach and a leader.

Actually, my career path hasn't been decided yet, so I'm planning to keep studying and thinking about it more.

Besides the leader, I'm thinking of the maritime police.

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