New sportswear that combines bio-silicon technology, reduce muscle fatigue by up to 35%! 
"Easy-to-wear kinesiology taping"
Korea's Wavewear and Taiwan's Weichuan Dragon professional baseball team.
We started our relationship last June by wearing Wavewear and training. 
Wavewear received assistance in the process from the Hype Spin Accelerator Taiwan. 
The Dragons baseball team participated in a monitor test and wore Wavewear.
The athletes wore the elbow sleeves of the E1 and E2, the K2 knee sleeves and the new L20 men's compression tights launched this year. 
The players said, "Wearing it makes me feel better. I feel like I'm getting better", "it's comfortable and breathable", "I hope the tights will be launched soon."
The showed a keen interest in Wavewear, a new concept in sportswear.
The Weichuan Dragons belong to the professional league of the CPBL in Taiwan and are a popular team in the league. Although there was a reason why this team was away for many years.
With continued interest and love of the fans, the Dragons founder Wei Yin is supported by Ting Chin Group. 
As soon as Wei returned to the league, he said "New heights, new spotlights, new technologies."
His three visions emphasize his ability to become stronger and enter the global arena.
"Working experimentally with the Weichuan Dragons was a really fun experience. Feedback from players will also help Wavewear bring better products to the market in the future. Thank you, especially to Cory of the Dragons, for even delivering small feedback from the players. And thank you to Rita and John Han oof the HYPE SPIN Accelerator, who are checking everything is working well." Wave Company CEO Jonahyeon expressed her gratitude. 
Wavewear is a new concept of sportswear with the concept of easy performance and recovery. 
Performance wear combined with compression wear and kinematic taping. 
The inner BWAS bio-adhesive silicone adheres directly to the skin like kinesiology tape, holding muscles and joints. 
The entire pattern of clothing is ergonomically designed so that the use doesn't feel uncomfortable under too much pressure. 
Although it has been shorter than E1 this year, the improved E2 elbow sleeve is being launched through Wadiz.
The Dragons players loved the elbow sleeve E2. 
CEO of Wave Company, Jonyeon
We're finally launching and selling Wavewear clothing this year. It took years to develop Wavewear, and ultimately, I wanted to make it. 
It was clothing that held my body safely when I exercised while being comfortable. 
I expressed my feelings about launching a new product. 
Wavewear has been shown to reduce muscle fatigue by up to 35% in clinical trials, it is also effective for exercise that requires maximum endurance without clothing. 
When the basic line-up of Wavewear leggings, t-shirts, sleeveless, and shorts is developed. Later, specialized sports products such as cycling, swimming, and triathlon will also be developed. 
The HYPE SPIN Accelerator has the largest pool of access, global networking, and connections to the global sports innovation system.