Asan FC Striker, Number 19
176 cm | 68 kg

Describe the strengths of the Asan FC team in Chungnam.

Teamwork is better than any other team.

It appears that the players have found harmony, and I believe that the coach and the staff have come together with one mind to win.

What made you start playing soccer?

During my childhood, I participated in a soccer hobby class and worked, but I decided to become a soccer player after winning a small competition. 

I started learning officially in the 4th grade of elementary school.

What was the most memorable episode of your career?

In my debut match this year, I played against the Sihueng Citizens Football team in the FA Cup.

What kind of sports do you enjoy besides soccer?

I think I'm weak physically, so I tend to do a lot of weight training other than soccer. When I meet my friends, I usually play basketball, bowling, and billiards. 

And as a striker, there are many situations where I have to put on a sprint. As a result, I often injure my hamstrings and the muscles behind my calves. So there are times when I tape the hamstring and the adductor muscle. 

Is there anything good or disappointing about wearing Wavewear?

I wore sleeves with tape on my calves for the first time, and it definitely felt like it help my calves well when I ran. It was fascinating that my calf muscles didn't shake.

The unfortunate thing was that the long tights were very hot, maybe because of the hot weather. But except during the summer, I think I will wear it often.

Could you please give me a tip on how to shoot and pass well?

I pay a lot of attention to the impact when I shoot.

The trajectory and power of the ball depends on how strong you are at the moment the ball hits. Therefore, I think it would be wise to focus on impact and shooting. 

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