BMX Racing 
166 cm | 57 kg

Tell us about how you started BMX racing.

I started BMX in 5th grade because my older brother was doing it, and at the beginning, I was only doing BMX. As soon as I entered high school, I also started cycling.
They both have their own charms, so I'm doing both now.


What's the most memorable episode as an athlete?

There was a massive ramp that I wouldn't even think about jumping over. I thought I could never do it, but when I finally did, I was successful.

I was very proud of myself for it. The sense of achievement is something I won't forget.

Please give us an honest review about WaveWear.

The protective sleeves I used to have were uncomfortable because they would slide when I moved around. WaveWear doesn't have that problem so it is really cool. WaveWear also helped me with my knee pain. I like how I can be really active in them.


Which WaveWear product would you recommend?

I like the E2 elbow sleeves.

People tend to think cycling only uses the lower body but we use the upper body a lot. I felt that E2 elbow sleeves really helped me avoid injuries and they are very comfortable.

 Seo-Yeo Yoon - Favorite Products 


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