Black Yak X WaveWear launches taping compression wear.

Black Yak X WaveWear launches taping compression wear.

High-performance global outdoor brand Black Yak (Chairman Kang Tae-seon) is launching three types of taping compression wear in collaboration with compression wear brand 'WaveWear'.

The taping compression wear, jointly introduced by Black Yak and WaveWear, consists of arm sleeves, calf sleeves, and knee sleeves.

Compression wear is a functional sports item that compresses the body, aiding in performance enhancement and injury prevention during outdoor and sports activities.

WaveWear boasts over 30 items, more than 50 intellectual properties (IP), and has obtained overseas medical certification such as CE, possessing various sports associations and distribution channels domestically and internationally.

The collaboration products include 'Wave Arm Sleeve', 'Wave Calf Sleeve', and 'Wave Knee Sleeve'. WaveWear's patented technology (BWAS™) applies bio waved adhesive silicone to the nano-fresh fabric developed jointly by Black Yak and WaveWear. This technology reduces pain and muscle fatigue by up to 35% and provides excellent antibacterial effects and breathability.

The design, crafted by Black Yak, features a simple mood characteristic of black color, suitable for various outdoor looks. The wave-like pattern of the inner silicone ensures excellent elasticity, durability, and adhesion to the skin, maintaining functionality even after washing for permanent use.

Additionally, by adding appropriate compression to joints and muscles according to body movement, it enhances athletic ability and prevents injuries, suitable for various outdoor and sports activities such as hiking, trail running, bouldering, running, and marathon.

The products are available for purchase on the official online store of Black Yak and the official website of Wave Wear, accompanied by warm-up sports cream for easy application before wearing.

A Black Yak official stated, "This taping compression wear, which provides longer usability and suitable support according to body movement, is a product presented by outdoor experts and functional wear experts meeting." They added, "As various sports competitions begin in April, it will be helpful for everyone from professional sports players to recreational enthusiasts."

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