WaveWear at Viva Technology in Paris

WaveWear at Viva Technology in Paris

Wave Company's display of wavewear at viva tech in Paris

This past week, WaveWear attended Viva Technology, Europe's biggest technology and startup event. It is a conference and exhibition held in Paris, France. This event allows technology companies from around the world to showcase their latest technological advancements that are responding to the word's biggest challenges. It is a newer event that got its start in 2016. 

Full view of Wave Companies WaveWear display at Viva Tech in Paris

During this event, a country who has grown significantly within the worldwide technology sector in the last year is highlighted. This year, that country was South Korea! 30 Korean startups were sponsored to appear at this event in the main hall of the conference. This allowed WaveWear to gain more visibility and connect with potential partners, investors, and customers. 

A display of many different companies and brands displays at Viva Tech in Paris

At our booth, we showcased our SmartWear from our Wave Company website and our SportsWear from our WaveWear website. We exhibited our leggings, such as our famous Knee & Calf Kinetic Tape Compression L20 Leggings, and our Wrist Support Stretch H1 Wrap. 

Close up view of what is being displayed at the WaveWear table at Viva Tech in Paris

We are very grateful to have been given the opportunity to connect with so many other wonderful companies, investors, international distributors, and customers. We hope that the connections we made will allow us to reach more hard working athletes and people worldwide.  




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