Chungnam Asan FC Signs Sponsorship Agreement with ‘Sports Taping Performance Wear’ Wave Company

Chungnam Asan FC Signs Sponsorship Agreement with ‘Sports Taping Performance Wear’ Wave Company

Chungnam Asan professional football club signed sponsorship agreement with Wave Company, a sports taping apparel manufacturer, on Feb. 17th. 

[WaveWear News #1] Signed a new sponsorship agreement! Changes saved

Chungnam Asan FC will be sponsored with ‘WaveWear’ developed by Wave Company and will install A board, display advertisement on scoreboard, and create contents to promote WaveWear. 

WaveWear, with concept of “Easy Performance and Heal,” is an innovative sportswear, developed after 5 years of research and development cooperation with universities and research institutes. WaveWear is equipped with the company’s BWAS(Bio Waved Adhesive Silicone) technology that provides sports taping effects by just wearing the apparel. 

Also, WaveWear features ergonomic pattern engineering that stabilizes the body comfortably without excessive compression. Clinical trials proved WaveWear reduces up to 35% of lactic acid accumulation compared to conventional performance wear and is effective for activities that require endurance.

 Likewise, WaveWear can improve performance by reducing muscle fatigue and promote recovery by reducing pain and swelling. WaveWear can also reduce injuries by supporting muscles and joints. We can anticipate Chungnam Asan FC players to show the most excellent performance in the 2021 season. 

Un Jong Lee, chairman of the club, said “We thank Wave Company for the sponsorship. I anticipate excellent performance by our players with the help of WaveWear’s performance improvement and injury prevention effect” 

Nancy Cho, CEO of Wave Company, said “It’s a pleasure to sign this sponsorship and I thank Chungnam Asan FC. I wish the best of luck in 2021 for both the club and the company.”

You can find the details of the club's sponsorship agreement in the club’s website( or club social media. 

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