BAE SU MI #futsal

BAE SU MI #futsal

Daejeon Nimble FS Ara (ALA), Number 20
160 cm | 53 kg

Let’s begin with some introductions: tell us about yourself and your team.

My name is Bae Soo-mi, and I have been the captain and player of the Nimble team for 8 years. The Nimble team was founded in 2012 with a small number of people and is now a team with good teamwork, operating systematically enough to have more than 100 members. 


I had always dreamed of becoming a soccer player until my second year of high school. Unfortunately, I had to undergo surgery and fell into a slump, which caused me to stop exercising. I deliberately avoided exercise for a while, but one day, a friend recommended that I come to the futsal field.

Could you share with us what makes futsal so appealing?

Joy can be experienced quickly. Usually, a game lasts between 12 and 15 minutes, and a lot of things happen in this short period of time. 


While it may seem comparable to soccer, there are some differences in game style due to the significant difference in playing space. Futsal, for example, is played in a much smaller area, requiring quicker movements and faster reflexes. 

What position do you play on the team?

I play the Ara position in my sport, which requires both offensive and defensive skills. This position has a wider range of activity compared to other positions, making it physically demanding and requiring high strength.


Despite the challenges, the Ara position is attractive because it plays a decisive role in both defense and offense.


Do you have your own way to prevent and overcome injuries? 

I have been exercising since childhood, and despite never having any major injuries such as broken bones, I suffer from chronic knee and ankle pain. To manage this, I apply ice packs regularly and also perform ankle-strengthening exercises using bands. Building ankle strength not only improves shooting ability but also helps prevent ankle sprains, which are common in futsal due to frequent collisions in a small space. 


During a previous game, I suffered a concussion from a head injury. Although I have since overcome my fear of the ball coming toward my face, I remain cautious. While I am not as careful as I was at first, I still take precautions to prevent further injury.


Do you have any memorable episodes related to the match?

In 2018, I took part in a competition held in Wonju, Gangwon-do. However, I overslept and missed the group departure time of 6:30 AM. I woke up two hours later at 8:00 AM and had to rent a car to get from Daejeon to Gangwon-do.


Luckily, my team members had already passed the preliminary round, so I was relieved to hear that. Despite the rough start, I joined the tournament and our team managed to win the championship, making the victory all the more memorable.


What are your feelings and weaknesses as a player?

I am a naturally fast and energetic person. However, my weakness lies in pre-judging my opponents and experiencing mood swings during games. I am determined to work on this and become a better person through my strengths and by fighting hard.

Also, I struggle to manage my mind well during the game. In this case, I turn to my coach for help. I sometimes have difficulty clearing my head before a game, but when I manage to do so, I feel much more focused and engaged in the game.

What do you think about WaveWear?

The calf sleeve worked brilliantly. I used to experience swelling in my calves after standing or sitting for extended periods of time, but wearing the sleeve helped relieve the tightness.


Unfortunately, I did notice some slight tearing in the sleeve, possibly due to wearing it too frequently. I suspect that the intense lower body movements in futsal may have contributed to this. Despite this, I find the sleeve to be quite effective, so I continue to use it.

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