HYO-DONG LEE #volleyball

HYO-DONG LEE #volleyball

Volley Skill Trainer / ASTRO High Representative
186 cm | 74 kg

What do you usually teach when it comes to skill training?

You have to be able to pass, serve, and block everything regardless of your position. I think the basics are really significant.

Serve, underhand pass, and stand hit. So I focus on these three things.

Is there anything that people who want to learn volleyball must know?

It takes a very long time to control the ball. So it's critical to get familiar with the ball as soon as possible.

It's a matter of time whether you're good or terrible, but you can't get familiar with the ball in a short period of time.

What is the most significant thing for a volleyball player?

I believe it's a matter of pride as an athlete. Being part of a yearly group of less than 200 male athletes is quite exclusive, and that's something to be proud of.

Of course, as a player, it's easy to overlook this fact because the daily routine tends to feel repetitive. However, there are moments when you suddenly realize its significance.

It's a shame that I found out about it too late.

What are a few exercises that can help you with volleyball?

Volleyball is a sport that starts defense from the lowest position and attacks from the highest position. It's the slogan of volleyball. 

So it takes a lot of training. Weight training is a must. 

It is imperative to build various muscles. My body doesn't last as long as I thought but after all, constant care is the answer. 

Are there any pros and cons to wearing Wavewear?

I experimented with various leggings, but I found them uncomfortable as they tended to roll up. Additionally, the waistband of those leggings exerted excessive pressure on my abdomen.

Originally, I simply wore tights to cover my shorter volleyball uniform. However, the Wavewear Compression tights L20 stood out because they don't compress the abdominal area.

This was incredibly beneficial as the tights stayed in place without constantly riding up. It was evident that they were designed with functionality in mind.

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