Asan FC Striker, Number 11
180 cm | 75 kg

Describe the strengths of the Asan FC team in Chungnam.

Strikers have excellent speed and use forward pressure to pressure the defense line, preventing the opponent's defense from building up. 

Also, I think that his greatest strength is that he can counterattack at high speed even after participating in the defense.

What made you start playing soccer?

I've been running fast since I was young, but the person in charge of the soccer team said that he looked at me and scouted me. 

I started playing soccer officially when I was in the fourth grade at Guri Buyang Elementary School, and I have trained hard to become a player since then. 

What was the most memorable episode of your career?

When I came to Asan FC in Chungcheongnam-do last year as a rental player, I accidentally scored my debut goal with my heel, which is the most memorable.

What kind of sports do you enjoy besides soccer?

Besides soccer, I usually play jump rope or badminton.

But when I play soccer, I have to run fast and put on a sprint. Therefore, I feel a lot of pressure on the back of my thighs and my calves. So I was glad to see the Wavewear product because I usually put the kinesiology tape on the hamstring.

Is there anything good or disappointing abut wearing Wavewear (L20)?

Each time I moved, I felt the sports tape stuck to my muscles and ensured pressure. I felt less tired because my calf swelled less than usual.

If there's one thing that's disappointing, I think it would be good to have summer tights made of cooler materials.

Lastly, please give me a tip on how to shoot and pass well! I beg you.

My advice when shooting is to look at your stepping foot, put your weight throughout your body, and kick the ball until it hits the ground. 

If you try to get the correct shooting posture, the accuracy of the pass will also increase. 


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