Korea National Sports University, Javelin thrower

Height: 173 cm
Weight: 63kg
Size for calf sleeve: C2 (M)
Size for elbow sleeve: E2 (M)
Size for knee sleeve: K2 (M)
Park Ah young holding a javelin on a turf field
Please Introduce yourself.
Hello. I am Park Ah-Young, a javelin thrower from Seongnam City Hall.
I thought it would be fun to see a close friend throw a javelin when I was in middle school, but the coach recommended that I give it a try too. After seeing me throw better than my friend, the coach actively recommended it so I started throwing javelin.
Park Ah Young in ready position to throw javelin

What is the difference between javelin throwing and other throwing events?

Throwing is divided into four categories; javelin throwing, hammer throwing, discus throwing, and shot put.

Among them, the javelin throwing event I partake in is the only event that I participate in early on. Women's javelin is a record competition where 600g of javelin is thrown at 2.2m to 2.3m.

Unlike the other three events, javelin throwing is characterized by linear motion. The discus and hammer shot turns, but the javelin is a way of throwing a spear as far as you can in a straight line after a speedy maneuver.

Park Ah Young mid throwing the javelin

What are the qualities you should have as a throwing athlete? What kind of supplementary exercises (training) do you do for it?

“Elasticity, speed and power” I think it is important to harmonize those three things.

So I do weight lifting and javelin throwing techniques three times a week. I really don’t like to do weight lifting, but in order to throw my favorite spear my body muscles need to be firmly supported.

And as for supplementary exercises, I throw a medicine ball. Since javelin is an outdoor event it can be affected by weather and is then replaced with a medicine ball instead, especially during winter training.

Park Ah Young holding javelin on turf

What is the most memorable moment while working as an athlete?

My most memorable moment was setting a PB (Personal Best) in April last year. 

When I was in my third year of high school I suffered an injury, a ruptured ligament in my elbow. My doctor told me that I would not be able to participate in the national athletic competition that was coming up. I challenged the lack of enthusiasm and continued to exercise and take my medication and when the time came I won a prize in the national athletic competition. 

But since then, I haven’t been able to set any records as a slump had taken over. Then last year, I broke out of it by achieving my personal best 3 times. 

I’ve participated in the National University Competition. At that time there were at least three players needed for the competition, but there were not many players throwing so I remember the fun memory of participating in javelin and hammer throwing at the same time, winning third place.

Park Ah Young in the gym doing some barbell weight lifting

What are your strengths and weaknesses as a player? What efforts do you make to overcome them?

I think the physical part is a strength. Compared to other players, a taller person makes a bigger finishing move, which is an advantage. Another strength is that I enjoy exercise. I’m happy that I can do what I love as a job.

A weakness is the lack of speed and muscle strength. Not only does it lead to injury when I increase the weight due to lack of muscle strength compared to my physique, but when throwing in game or training I often don’t have enough power at the end. So the record doesn’t come out as good. So I’m trying to increase the weight without injury, through weight and rehabilitation training.

Park Ah Young standing with a javelin

The public's understanding of javelin throwing is low, so I’m sure you have a lot of difficulty as a player. What are your goals that you want to achieve in the future?

Since throwing javelin is an unpopular sport, there are not many places for throwing. It is also regrettable that there are not many places nationwide that meet the standards, so there are not many options to practice at. 

In addition, it costs about 100,000-300,000₩ per training window, but the reality is that it is difficult to get a budget for that window. I hope these areas will improve and create an environment where players can practice more freely.

My personal goal is to set a PB (personal best) without injury. The target record is 52.50m, I will achieve this goal with WaveWear products.

Park Ah Young in the gym doing some weight lifting

Do you have any particular WaveWear products you would like to recommend? 

The products I usually wear are the calf and elbow sleeves, both of which are very durable. Even if I wore the products for a year, I feel that it supports my calves and elbows as if it was the first time without any issues. In particular with the calf sleeves, most third party products fall down or loosen as you use them so they didn't work out. With WaveWear it holds firmly so it’s possible to do intense workout without them falling down.

Due to the nature of javelin throwers, elbow guards are the most popular. The most common elbow injuries with throwing are ruptured inner ligaments. However these products have a silicon wave pattern on the inside that holds the muscle in the outer direction, so I hope the hold is firm.

The product I want to recommend the most is also the elbow sleeve. I’m getting a lot of help when training because it supports my elbow and doesn’t interfere with mobility. Especially after elbow surgery, there was always a risk of injury recurrence so I was worried, but I am really satisfied with being able to focus more on my performance after wearing these products.

Park Ah Young smiling while holding her Javelin

Affiliation/Award Winning Experiences

2023 - Seongnam City Hall

2021 - Korean Sports University

  • 3rd place in the 600g Javelin throw at the 50th National Athletics Championship
  • 3rd place in 4.0kg Hammer throwing at the 50th National Athletics Championship
  • 3rd place in 600g Javelin throw at the 75th National University Athletics Championship

2020 - 1st place in the 600g Javelin throw at the Yecheon National University General Athletics Competition

  • 2nd place in the 600g Javelin Throw at the 49th National Athletics Championship

2019 - Admission to Korea Sports University

2018 - 2nd place in the 600g Javelin throw at the 99th National Sports Festival

  • 2st place in the 600g Javelin throw at the 47th National Athletics Championship
  • 4th place in the 600g Javelin throw at the 47th Spring Middle School and High School Sports Festival
  • 2nd place in the 600g Javelin throw at the 32nd National High School Sports Festival
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