Athletics at Korea National Sport University (High Jump)
185 cm | 69 kg

What do you think is the charm of track and field and high jump?

I think I'm in no zero gravity for a moment when I jump high. I really like the sense and feeling I get then. 

That's the biggest charm. 

To prevent injury during training or competition. Do you have your own know-how?

During training, if you are sick, you can get a massage or rest. 

But I don't want to worry about injuries because I have to show 100% of my ability during the game. 

It's not like you don't get hurt just because you care. 

The game that I watched during the Olympics. Please tell me if there is a player. 

The winning Qatar player is my role model. 

The athletes jump from I saw when I was young was really cool! I kept thinking about it and became a fan. 

There was a time when I followed the routine. He kept winning other competitions, but it didn't work out especially at the Olympics. 

I was really disappointed as a fan, but I was happy to win the gold medal this time. 

The triple jump (a track and field jump that stomps three times). You also participated in the relay (4x100m Relay). Was there any background or special reason for participation? 

I participated in the relay to make memories with my friends in middle school. I participated in the triple jump because the professor recommended it, but I actually liked it. 

I think it's one of the coolest track and field events. But I couldn't do it actively because it was an event with a risk of injury. I didn't learn it professionally. Thats a bummer, so if I have a chance next time, I want to prepare properly and participate. 

The most memorable moment as a high jumper. Please tell us about an episode!

When a person is completely immersed, he or she loses his or her memory instantly. I had that experience when I was in high school when I achieved my highest record. 

I don't remember how I ran or what I did. I haven't felt it again since then.

What are your strengths and weaknesses as a player?

I don't care about other players during the game. It's just focused on me. 

I think it's a strength as much as the mental part is critical to the player. However, when I'm nervous or out of shape, I can't bring myself back to my normal state.
It's a shame that it's become a habit to just let go of the game.

Please tell us an honest review after wearing Wavewear.

I liked that the Knee Guards K2 held up the muscles well.
I felt that the taping effect was clear and it helped prevent injuries.

Tell us about your future goals!

There are a lot of physical and technological deficiencies.

I'm okay with my mentality, but I'm trying to improve it because I'm upset about it.

Actually, I didn't set a record goal. If I surpass my limit, I think I can make an even better record.

I want to be a person who consistently overcomes himself.



Present ~  High Jumpers from Korea National Sports University

2021 ~      50th National Track and Field Championships (three jump)

                 50th National Athletics Championships

2020 ~      49th National Athletics Championships

                 74th National Collegiate Athletic Championships

2019 ~     100th National Sports Festival

                 99th National Sports Festival

2018 ~      26th Korea-China-Japan Junior Competition (2 day of track and field)

                 39th National City of the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the Grand Athletics Championships

                 16th Presidents Cup National High Athletics Championships

                 46th KBS National Athletics Championships

                 47th National Athletics Championships