Suwon FC Defender, 30 times
178 cm | 75 kg
Tell us about how you started playing soccer.
After watching the 2002 World Cup, I became confident that I wanted to become a soccer player.
At school, there wasn't a soccer club. The fact that I was young prevented me from transferring. Therefore, I started playing soccer after entering middle school a little later than others, and it was a very lonely time. 
It takes hard work and sincerity to become a soccer player, not to mention some luck. It is my goal to cheer for young players whenever I see them. 

We're curious. What's the play style of Suwon FC?

Our team plays aggressively from defense to offense, so our fans are very excited. 
There were many impressive games this year, too. Although we were not ale to advance to Final A, we hope to achieve a successful outcome by accumulating 3 points for our fans in this home game. 
The number 3 is all in the back number, so is there a reason why you are particularly attached to this number?
Yes. From Suwon Samsung to Suwon FC, the number 3 is all in the back number. 

Personally, I like the number 3.

The number I received when I joined first joined Suwon Samsung was 30, so when I returned to Suwon FC, I wanted to play with 30 as it's a number that means a lot to me. 
What is the most memorable episode of your 10 year career?
I remember the fans support and appreciation the most. It gives me a lot of strength as a player. 

Whenever I play at the stadium, I play harder as well as the warm words of the fans who sent me through SNS. 
How do you prepare for injuries during the game?
My height is a bit small to be a center back in the four-back, so I actively engage in physical fights and use my physical strength to prevent the opponent's striker from heading properly.

Thankfully, I don't think there were that many injuries. Therefore, I do not make any special preparations, but I do study the injury area carefully in order to prevent future injuries. 
How did you find out about Wavewear products? Please tell us honestly about the product. 
I've been a player for a long time and as I get older, I feel a bit nervous about my knees. So I taped it during the game. However, the tape kept falling off because of sweat, and it was cumbersome to take it off and stick it on every time. So I personally looked into the product and found out about Wavewear through SNS.

I wear it every day when I actually work out. In the case of other knee pads, they were worn down by the time I warmed up, so I ended up not utilising them. But the Wavewear is satisfactory. The tension is pleasant, and the feeling of holding the knee without getting in the way is definitely different.

I've been using it for more than a month now. Since I sweat a lot, I try to keep it sticky for a long time by hand washing. Personally, I'm so satisfied with the product that I want to wear it during the game.
2022 ~               Suwon FC
2020 ~ 2021      Gangwon FC
2017 ~ 2018      Sangju Sangmu
2011 ~ 2019      Suwon Samsung