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Thigh & Hamstring Taping Biker Shorts SL20

Thigh & Hamstring Taping Biker Shorts SL20


  • Comfortable and Soft
  • Designed for All Movements
  • Light and Breathable
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Sizing Guide

Top Notes

Size Weight(kg)
S 50~60
M 60~70
L 70~80
XL 80~95
XXL 95~110

    Please check the size chart for more accurate fit. If you're unsure about your size, please leave us a message.

How to Use

How to Use:

  • Clean your skin; remove dirt and oil before using. Shaving can increase adhesion.
  • Moisturize the skin before using as it significantly reduces irritation.
  • Remove dust or lint off the surface of the silicone for better adhesion.
  • We recommend starting from less than an hour to up to 5 hours at a time.
  • Gradually increase usage time.
  • Readjust the taping, if you are using for long hours.

Materials & Care

    • 72% Nylon 
    • 28% Spandex 
    • Adhesive Silicone BWAS™
    • We recommend hand-washing with neutral laundry detergent by rubbing on the silicone in lukewarm water, focusing on wiping off dust
    • You can use a washing machine with the silicone on the inside, we recommend to wash with similar colors and use a mesh laundry net. But this can reduce the product's life-cycle compared to hand-washing
    • Do not iron
    • Air dry in the shade and DO NOT use a dryer
    • Avoid leaving the product in extreme temperature
    • Avoid oil or chemicals

    Please note that durability can differ upon the user's environment and lifestyle. 


1. Compression + Built-in Thigh & Hamstring Taping
Top Notes
2. With pockets that securely hold your belongings, you can stay worry-free even during active movements.
Top Notes
3. The inner layer is made of mesh material for added breathability.


For more detailed information, check the FAQ

1. How long can I wear Wavewear?

When first trying Wavewear, we recommend starting with an hour and then gradually increasing the usage time.

This is because the adhesive silicone taping initially feels awkward on the skin and requires some time to get used to. It is the same as how it takes time to get comfortable in newly purchased shoes.

Please take in-between breaks when wearing for longer than 5 hours to give your skin some time to rest. 

2. Will the adhesive silicone peel off the fabric?

Silicone won't peel off. Silicone is stretchy, so it moves with the fabric as it stretches, making it non-reelable and non-rippable. 

3. Why do I need to moisturize?

The silicone can cause friction (chafing) to the skin and depending on skin sensitivity, this can cause irritation.

Moisturizing is the first step to protecting your skin. 

4. Do you ship internationally? How long does it take?

Yes, we ship internationally.

You can check with us by contacting us through the chat button in the right corner.
All shipping options deliver by air and provides tracking.

- Best Sellers US Shipping: 2-3 days

- K-packet: 7-14 days

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